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Deployed Geocacher Plans Event Cache In Iraq For Fellow Soldiers

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A fellow geocacher, teammcw, is currently deployed in Iraq.  He is helping his fellow soldiers to relieve stress and boredom by building the geocaching community at his base.

He has planned an event cache (GC1QMWT) for May 30, 2009.  Here is the topic thread on groundspeak (the online geocaching forum)

Please consider sending this soldier some stuff.  I am sending swag, trackables, cache making supplies, stash notes/log books, writing sticks and batteries.  I am also sending books I have registered with For those of you not familiar- it is like geocaching, only with books.  Lots of cachers use bookcrossing books as swag.

If you know anyone who may be interested in contributing to these efforts, OR if you know someone who is deployed and may be interested geocaching, let me know.  I will help!

LTC. McWilliams specifically asked for dvd’s/ music cd’s (gently used is great!)  and anything funny.  Small items, games, books, anything to help these men and women pass quality time with a smile on their faces.   He says “Funny is like gold”.

Mailboxes etc.  provides special boxes for mailing to military bases all over the world at GREATLY reduced shipping costs.  Thank you for helping!!

I included the following correspondence so that you can get an idea of what LTC. McWilliams is looking for.


On Wed. April 29, 2009

Hey, thanks for the note.  Anything you can send would be awesome…swag, trackables activated or not, container material, logs.  Thanks for your support!  We appreciate it very, very much.


dad of teammcw

— On Thu, 4/30/09,
Subject: RE: [GEO] drgnflyz contacting teammcw from
Date: Thursday, April 30, 2009, 1:37

Oh my goodness! Wow…. I’m not even sure where to start.  I think natural cammo materials (even if artificial) might not be needed.  We pretty much have brown rocks (hey, there’s something), date palms, sand, and trash.  Lots of opportunity for magnetic caches – but I’m trying to think creatively.  We have some switch plate caches here, but not enough and they aren’t hidden in a way that would fool most cachers with more than 10 caches under their belt.  We’d love to get more.

Sign ideas —YES!!!! There are signs for everything and with a little creativity we can make some really cool ones.  Magnetic strips would be great- I’ve only encountered one here and it really has new cachers are going nuts!  I’m looking to span the spectrum – hard, tricky, and funny.  I really like the snake, spider, gnome idea, too!!!!  We’ll be able to get glue for containers, but off the wall stuff for building containers like PVC pipe, metal stuff might be tougher.  So if you have any of that send it along. Nanos and bison tubes – for sure.

There are over 100 caches here on our big base — but having spent two tours here I know we could easily double it.  I have gotten interest from cachers that live/work in other parts of Iraq that are trying to get down to us for the event.

Regular mail works fine. Did I send you my address already?  I am truly overwhelmed by your enthusiasm and generosity.  Thank you so much!



Written by drgnflyz

April 30, 2009 at 8:31 pm